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Facilitation of Project Meetings

We can assist you with your project kickoff, review or closure workshops. We ensure that workshops have meaningful agendas, aligned expectations and input by relevant stakeholders. With us, workshops are structured, targets will be reached and in the end, everyone will be clear about next steps. We like to combine professionality and seriousness with as much fun as possible.

For project kickoffs we ensure that all participants have a shared understanding of the project, are clear about their roles and responsibilities and know how everything fits together and how and to whom it will be communicated.

A project review ensures that all participants are aware of where the project stands, any need for improvement, and their role in all of that.  It offers participants an opportunity to comment and/or contribute his/her thoughts on current status.  We will create within the workshop the pre-conditions for implementing agreed improvement initiatives. In case of conflicts or expected confrontations during the meeting, we will lead pre-workshop interviews with the participants to assure a productive team workshop.

During project closure it is important to secure lessons learnt for future projects and address any loose ends - as well as to celebrate achieved successes. This will provide fresh energy for new efforts.

Gained team insights, dissolved tensions and newly acquired options for action and behavior always contribute to motivating participants and tapping into fresh energy for achieving common goals.


Project support

Our services range from coaching project managers via interim or permanent take over of project management to project administration / project office services.

We ensure
    •    coverage of all necessary project management tasks,
    •    adherence to and follow up on time constraints and task fulfillment,
    •    ongoing transparency over whether / how the course needs to be adjusted

All project stake holders benefit:
    •    team members are constantly aware of where they stand and which contribution is required of them
    •    project managers maintain the overview and are freed for management tasks
    •    project sponsors receive timely status reports which help them to realize early on where course correction is needed and how to accomplish it.