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Our coaching approach is derived from 'Strategic short-team Coaching®', a behavioural approach, which we have amended using other useful methods.

Changes, conflicts and stressful situations often lead to the need for individual coaching.  Our coaching offer addresses any managers and team members which have an outspoken wish to change parts of their job- or private-lives.

Together with our clients we explore underlying causes contributing to the need for change and find out what strategies they typically use to navigate through the 'jungle of life'. Based on this oftenly eye-opening self-insight and developing a target picture of the desired outcome, we help figure out the path to success and accompany the progress.

A typical coaching involves 10 sessions of 1.5 h in a time frame of 3 - 6 months, depending on availability.

Throughout, our clients experience the coaching process as uplifting and energizing. They become highly motivated to try out self-developed action alternatives to be more effective in their daily professional and private lives.