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a2s Consulting GmbH | Beraternetzwerk | Dr. Andreas Kreibich

Dr. Andreas Kreibich

Interim and Project Management, Strategy Development, Process Optimization

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a2s is part of a network of complementary experiences, energies and backgrounds. Based on multi-year cooperation, I am sure to provide you with a highly qualified and capable resource for a diverse range of business needs. Below you will find an overview over my network consultants, their qualifications and areas of expertise.

   a2s Consulting GmbH | Consultants | Gissou Assmann

Gissou Assmann

Project and Change Management of Re-organisation Processes, Executive Development, Team Development, Intercultural Cooperation, Coaching


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a2s Consulting GmbH | Berater | Max Barros

Max Barros

Young Executive Programs, Project Management

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a2s Consulitng GmbH | Berater | Dr. Jörg Preussig

Dr. Joerg Preussig

Team Development, Consultant Training (Improvisional Theatre Techniques), Communication Trainings (Moderation, Presentation, Conflict Management), Technical IT Trainings

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a2s Consulting GmbH| Berater | Christoph Püttgens

Christoph Puettgen

Setting up expert networks, Change Management & Organization Development, Team Development, Team Coaching (Conflict and Communication), Management Coaching, MBTI-Training Workshops

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a2s Consulting GmbH | Berater | Merle Runge

Merle Runge

Facilitation of Change Workshops, Project Management, Leadership Development, Intercultural Workshops

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