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Dr. Andreas Kreibich

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I have collected more than 15 years experience and successes as manager in an international insurance group. I have been working as a consultant and project manager in Strategy Consulting and Change Management for 4 years.

That’s why I know from my own experience what in day-to-day company life is helpful and creates value. I am thrilled by structuring the complex and difficult, making it manageable and contributing to making it work. I am hands-on, love transparency and crystal-clear activity plans. And I listen and learn - trained and enhanced through multiyear exposure to international environments and more than 5 years work in Southern Africa, the Gulf, Europe and the USA.

My personal way: A Ph.D. in Maths from Münster University and an Executive MBA from London Business School form my solid academic background. During the last decade my interests have shifted more and more to processes and people: I obtained an OPEX Black Belt (Six Sigma), am a Blue-Ocean-Strategy Champion, trained as Business Coach and currently deepen Conflict Management and Effectuation - entrepreneurship under uncertainty. My heart belongs to the North of Germany, its coast and heathlands and the upbeat spirit of its people. I stay in Hamburg and practice sports as a balance: Karate, Running, Swimming and Hiking in Corsica.